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Q: What part of the government does that national association of manufacturers target?
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What major national-level policymaking institution does the NEA target?

The National Education Association (NEA) is a lobby that targets two national-level policy making institutions in the United States. One prong of their lobbying work targets House and Senate Congressional members and their staff. The second prong is focused on influencing federal agencies; in particular the United States' Department of Education.

What part of the government does the AMA target?

Targets the Senate and the House, specifically on the FDA.

Are there any current events or situations in the world today in which a group of people may be the target of opression or injustice by its government?

Yes. There is no country that does not have at least some legitimate issue with a group being unfairly oppressed or suffering injustice. In America, a prime example is that we are debating about whether gay people have the same rights as hetrosexuals.

What was the first American target of Al-Qaeda to be attacked in 1993?

world trade center in New York it was first target that failed before September 11th when WTC(world trade center )collapse

Why were kamikazes frightening?

Conventional Attack Aircraft: 1. It takes a LONG TIME to train pilots. 2. Germany & Japan were running out of trained pilots. 3. Non-suicide "Piloted" bombers & fighter bombers can drop bombs onto targets (troop concentrations, cities, bridges, tanks, warships, etc.) BUT ALSO TAKE THE RISK OF MISSING THE TARGET, AND GETTING SHOT DOWN WHILE ATTACKING THE TARGET; Or by leaving the target. Result: Missed target & lost pilot and lost airplane. Kamikazes: 1. Pilots can be trained in shorter time (no need to learn how to land the airplane). 2. Ample enough qualified men were available to be trained to take off and guide the aircraft to target. 3. Guiding an aircraft into the target has a BETTER CHANCE to hit the target, than just dropping the bomb, and trying to fly away afterwards. Getting shot down, NO LONGER APPLIES! The Kamikaze MUST BE DESTROYED "in the air", otherwise the crashing airplane, even on fire & smoking, WILL STILL CRASH INTO IT'S TARGET! A "shot down" Kamikaze can still sink ships! In effect, the Kamikaze's were "manned" guided missiles.

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What congressional commitiees does the national rifle association target?


What major national level policy making institution does the American medical association target?

The department of health and human services

Why did national association for the advancment of colored people and other civil rights groups target Birmingham for demonstrations?

Birmingham was considered the most segregated city in america

What does the NRA support and who is their target membership?

Principally, the NRA supports gun manufacturers.

What is the target A1C according to the American diabetes association?


When was Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge created?

Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1967.

What is the area of Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge?

The area of Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge is 323,748.513792 square meters.

Why did the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and other civil rights groups target Birmingham for demonstrations?

Birmingham was considered the most segregated city in america

Where is the National Target store Headquarter?

Minneapolis Minnesota

Where can one find coupons for the Target retail store?

The Target retail store accepts both manufactureres coupons and Target store coupons. You can print the Target store coupons off of the Target website. It is also important to know that you are able to use both a Target store coupon and a manufacturers coupon together to save you money on products at Target.

Who or what was the target of the Watergate break-in?

Headquarters of the democratic national committee

Why was tupac criticized?

He was criticized for his use of the word hoe and other lyrics viewed as misogynistic. His views on the government and their agenda made him a target because of his mothers association with the Black Panther Party. He behaved outrageous and inappropriately in some peoples eyes.