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By the 1790's the revenue from tariffs provide 90 percent of the national government's income.

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Q: What percentage of the national income was attributed to tariffs in 1790?
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By the 1790's the revenue from tariffs provided what percentage of the national government's income?

its eaither 90% or 50% or 100% or 10%

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The percentage that variable Y accounts for is 100*Variable Y/National Income

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How did Wilson compensate for the reduce government income resulting from his lowering tariffs?

by creating an income tax

What tariffs were designed to provide income for the federal government?


How did Wilson compensate for reduced government government income resulted from his lowering of tariffs?

by creating an income tax

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Net income percentage = Net income / Revenue

What are the Importance of national income with the national income concept?

the national income is that by the means of national income v can know that how much the income of country and v can find the national income dedact the all rents allowences paymants salaries and wages

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bcoz its national income

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How tariff works?

There are import tariffs and export tariffs. The Government may just want income from somewhere or it may think that the trade balance is not to its liking. So it penalizes movement of a particular product such as wheat by charging a percentage tax when that product is going the 'wrong' way. This is usually done at the port of entry or exit.

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importance of national income.