What person is reactionary?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What person is reactionary?
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What is a reactionary?

A reactionary is a person who not only doesn´t wants change, but also wants to undo certain changes.

How do you use reactionary in a sentence?

The word reactionary refers to a person who holds views that favor a return. A good sentence would be, the governor was reactionary when it came to the suggestion of building a new casino in town.

What is reactionary?

Being reactionary is not responding logically and prudently to situations. The person instead reacts solely with primitive emotions and make bad decisions in the moment.

What is the definition of the word reactionary?

Reactionary is a political term describing a type of person. Someone who sticks with the status quo from past political views. It is not a positive role that one can play.

What is the Tagalog of the word reactionary?

The Tagalog translation of the word "reactionary" is "reaksyonaryo."

What are some reactionary groups?

Fascists and Nazis are (extreme) examples of reactionary groups.

What order are the liberal conservative reactionary in?

The answer is exactly what you asked. The order is liberal, conservative, then reactionary.

Was Charles X a Reactionary or liberal?

Charles X was a reactionary in the extreme. That's why they got rid of him.

Is Nazis a reactionary?


How do you put reactionary in a sentence?

In politics, reactionary means opposed to progress and the spread of freedom. The judges final statement to the defendant put a self descript reactionary expression on defendants' lawyer.

Is the status quo a reactionary position?

No status quo is not a reactionary position. Status quo means things stay the same. A reactionary position means things can change based on recent events.

What does a reactionary want?

What always was.