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He was one of the first proponents of a stated retirement age. He chose the age of 65. Interestingly enough, the average life span during his time would not have impacted that age because people did not live that long.

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Q: What policies did Otto von Bismarck implement domestically?
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What was the policies did Otto Von Bismarck's follow to meet meet his goal?


What is the birth name of Otto von Bismarck?

Otto von Bismarck's birth name is Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck.

Who practiced realpolitik?

Otto Von Bismarck

How tall is Otto von Bismarck?

Otto von Bismarck is 190 cm.

THE PERSON Most responsible for unification of germany?

my boy Hitler

What is Otto von Bismarck's birthday?

Otto von Bismarck was born on April 1, 1815.

What nicknames did Otto von Bismarck go by?

Otto von Bismarck went by The Iron Chancellor.

Is Otto von Bismarck a city?

No. Otto von Bismarck was a Prussian Prime Minister and one of Germany's most successful statesmen. There is no city called "Otto von Bismarck".

Who did king William i appoint as both the prime minister and foreign affairs minister?

Count Otto Von Bismarck

What nationality was Otto von Bismarck?

Otto Eduard Leopold, Fürst von Bismarck, was Prussian.

How tall was otto von Bismarck?

Otto von Bismarck was 196cm tall or 6'5". Hope this helps:)

Who was the chancellor of Prussia during the franco Prussian war?

Otto von Bismarck was Chancellor of Prussia from 1862-1890.