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Q: What political party is John Kerry in?
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What political offices does john Kerry hold?

John Kerry is the US Secretary of State.

What party do john Kerry and edward Kennedy the two senators of Massachusetts belong to?

john Kerry and Scott brown are the two senators from Massachusetts.

What political party is John Howard in?

His political party is Liberal party..AKA LPA....

Name the Democratic Party candidate for President in 2004?

Sen John Kerry

Who is in John McCain political party?

The Republican Party.

What are the political beliefs of John Kerry?

John Kerry is a politician in the United States of America. He represents the Democratic party (the more liberal of the two major US political parties), standing as their presidential candidate in 2004. Analysis of Kerry's voting record within the Senate show him to be slightly more to the left than the average Democrat, and he has public stated that he is in favour of same sex marriage, gun controls and abortion rights, and that he opposes capital punishment (except for terrorists).

The name of John McCain political party?

The Republican party.

What political party was John Hamilton Gray on?

John Hamilton Gray was part of the Conservative party.

What political party is John Boehner is in?


What political party is john boehner from?


Who did john Kerry run against?

John Kerry was the 2004 Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States. He ran unsuccessfully against President George W. Bush, the Republican nominee.

Is John Kerry single?

No, John Kerry is not single.