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Q: What political theory Declaration of independence and constitution are based on?
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How did declaration of independence contributed to the political development of the US by?

presenting a clear statement of the social contrant theory of government

What are four points of the declaration's political theory?

The declaration is divided into three segments namely; an introduction with a statement of our philosophy. A list of grievances or Complaints. The third section is the final and formal "Declaration of Independence."

Declaration of Independence could this document be used to argue for quitting?

The Declaration of Independence document can be used to argue for quitting. The Declaration of Independence document is used only for Theory and Natural rights.

Which European theory was rejected by the declaration of independence?

Taxation without representation was the European theory that was rejected by the writing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The reason for the Revolutionary War was taxation without representation.

How did political thought influence the American Revolutionary war and the constitution and what does Magna Carta Locke Voltaire and Montesquie have to do with it?

Political thought from philosophers like Locke, Voltaire, and Montesquieu influenced the American Revolutionary War and the Constitution by inspiring ideas such as natural rights, separation of powers, and social contract theory. These concepts were reflected in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The Magna Carta also played a role in the development of English constitutional principles that influenced the American colonists' fight for independence.

What theory is most closely associated with john lockes?

the social contract theory.

The seeds of the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution can be found in this theory of government?

social contract theory

John Locke's social contract theory was embodied in?

the declaration of independence

What did Thomas Jefferson base his theory of the Declaration of independence on?

the mayflower compact

Who was the English political philosopher most cited by American rebels?

The English political philosopher most cited by American rebels was John Locke. His ideas on natural rights, social contract theory, and limited government greatly influenced American revolutionary thought and the founding fathers when drafting the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

The Declaration of Independence was most clearly influenced by the political philosophy of?

The Americans who wanted to break free of the British Crown. Your question doesn't make much sense, though.

The seeds of the Declaration of Independence and the American revolution can be found in who's theory of government?

John Locke famously known as the Father of Liberalism, is equally important to social contract theory. His contributions to the classical republicanism and liberal theory are reflected in American Declaration of Independence.