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The Senate has the power to declare war, use a filibuster, final say on proposed laws. The house of Reps. does not hold this powers. There may be a few more powers that i am missing.

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While the House of Representatives has the power to recommend impeachment of a sitting president, vice president or other civic official such as a judge for "high crimes and misdemeanors," as written in the Constitution, the Senate is the sole jury once impeachment goes to trial. With a two-thirds majority, the Senate may thus remove an official from office.

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The Senate must give their advice and consent on treaties and all Presidential appointments. The Senate also conducts the trial of an impeached official.

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The Senate has the sole power to conduct impeachment trials, essentially serving as jury and judge. The Senate also has the MORE

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Q: What powers can the senate carry out with no involvement from the house?
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Does Senate or House have approval powers?


Joint powers of senate and house of representative?

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The legislative powers of the government are given to this body which consists of a senate and a house of representatives?

The Senate and the House of Representatives together make up the Congress of the US.

Where does the legislative branch of the government get it powers to make laws?

You vote for them. Those are the people who run for state senate, state house, state assembly, or for the U.S. House or U.S. Senate.

What are the Legislative branch parts and powers?

Parts: The Senate and The House of Representatives. Powers: They can make new laws or change existing laws.

Who has been given all legislative or law-making powers?

Congress. The senate and the house of representatives.

Who has US lawmaking powers?

The Senate and the House of Representatives have the power tomake laws. (the legislative power)

What authorizes the powers of the US Senate?

Article I, Section 3 of the US Constitution.Article I of the US Constitution lists the powers granted to Congress, and Section 3 specifically those of the upper house, the Senate.(see related link)

What are thelimitations on the powers of the NC senate?

The North Carolina Senate is the upper chamber of the North Carolina General Assembly, which along with the North Carolina House of Representatives

Article I?

The longest article in the Constitution vests legislative power in the Senate and the House of Representatives. It describes the organization of Congress and lists its specific powers, known as enumerated or delegated powers. Through the necessary and proper clause (also called the elastic clause), Congress can make laws needed to carry out its enumerated powers. Article I also lists the powers denied to Congress and the states.

What are the powers of 3?

The three main powers are the House of Representatives, the Senate, and their Committees. We all know what the first two do, but the Committees help out by being a tie-breaker.

What are the Specific Powers of the Senate?

a US state senate can try all impeachments, make appointments and treaties, declare war, and expel other members of congress. hope this helped keep asking more questions and i will try to answer as soon as possible. [. .]>-----