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The poweres the New Nation now that it was independant was, the abbility to levy war, conclude peace, contract Alliances, and establish Commerce.

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Q: What powers does the new nation have now that it is independent?
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Which nation first explored and claimed Georgia?

Trick question. The first nation to explore, claim, and settle what is now the state of Georgia was the Cherokee Nation. The first European nation to land on what is now Georgia was Spain. The first European nation to colonize it was England; it was a penal colony.

What do power do the colonies claim to have as a result of declaring their independence?

what powers do the colonies now claim to have as a result of declaring their indeppendence

Explaining Why do presidential powers often expand during war or other times of emergency?

This question is easily answered if the format of the extended powers is placed to display an extremely important war. A war, that if lost means the end of the nation and its president. With that said, the war just spoken about must be won at all costs. So, to keep all the weapons factories operating at full force, the president takes on the never before power of using force to end any union strike at the given weapons factory. Another quick example is food production. Grocery stores that used to sell meat to the public must now, to feed the army, not have any meat to sell to the consumers. This is done by presidential decree because if the army cannot fight due to not having meat then all meat goes to the army not the general public. These are two examples of why and how a government leader must expand their powers to save the nation from utter destruction.

What does Lincoln say is the challenge of the Civil War?

lincoln said war was necessary because the north was good to the black but the south had slavery against the black.

Is Lou Dobbs a democrat or republican?

He once described himself as a "lifelong republican". He now insists that he is an independent because he dislikes many things about both parties. He did, however, contribute to the Bush campaigns.

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Who really own Jamaica now?

Jamaica is an independent nation.

Is Pakistan an American colony now?

Pakistan is still an independent nation. It is not an American colony.

What types of geography make up the nation of New Zealand?

The country of New Zealand is a small group of mountainous islands. It was founded by the British. It became a part of the great British Empire and now however it is a free and independent nation. The Maori Indians are its native people.

What is the capital of Afars?

The former French territory of the Afars and Issas is now the independent nation of Djibouti. The city of Djibouti is the capital of the nation of Djibouti.

Who was president in papua new guinea during World War 2?

Papua New Guinea was not a self-governing nation during World War II, so it did not have a President. Now that it is an independent country, it has a Prime Minister.

Asian nation that became independent in August 1950 formerly the Dutch East Indies?

Indonesia, formerly the Dutch East Indies, is an Asian nation that became independent in August 1950. Its capital is now known as Jakarta.

What was the effect of the Revolutionary War of the US?

It made it clear to Britain that the United States were now an independent and self-run nation.

Did benin win its independence from great britain?

No. The nation now called Benin was formerly Dahomey, or French Dahomey, and became independent in 1960.

What nation formed Serbia Bulgaria and parts of Austria-Hungary?

They once made up the Republic of Yugoslavia, but now they are independent countries.

Which former territory of Indonesia became an independent nation in 2002?

East Timor became an independent nation in 2002 after voting for independence from Indonesia in a referendum held in 1999. The country is now officially known as Timor-Leste.

Why do you think Canada becoming a nation is a good event?

Canada become a nation is very important because it is the start of a new nation, the first time we become independent from Britain. Before World War Two we were not recognized around the world but because of out success at Vimy Ridge and becoming the first country to be officially multicultuarlism is a huge step. We are now recognized as one of the top countries in the world

What country has the control of New Zealand?

Nobody. The British Empire used to have control over it, but New Zealand is now an independent country.