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Grover Cleveland would qualify, although I do not think he was widely known by this moniker. He served as sheriff in Buffalo, New York and actually act as executioner for a hanging.

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Q: What president was known as Buffalo hangman?
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What did Grover Cleveland do for a living before he was President?

Grover Cleveland was a lawyer, the sheriff of Erie County, Mayor of Buffalo and the Governer of New York.

Does Grover have a nickname?

"The Hangman of Buffalo" (he was called this because he personally hung two men as Sheriff of Buffalo County)

Which president was the only president in history to hold the job of a hangman?

Grover Cleveland

Nick names of the president Grover Cleveland?

"Old Veto"...Grover Cleveland used the veto power of the Presidency more than any of his predecessors.

What president was shot in Buffalo New York?

William Mckinley, There is a monument that bears Mkinley's name. in a roundabout in between Buffalo,NY City Hall and the old Statler Hotel, or what was known as the Statler Hotel. Mckinley was assassinated in 1901 during the Pan Am Exposition,which was held in Buffalo,NY.

Which president was a former hangman?

President Grover Cleveland actually hung two men while serving as sheriff of Erie County

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What enemies the American Buffalo have?

The buffalo hunter; also known as buffalo runners.

Which president had the job of hangman?

george Washington, Harry Truman, James Madison, and Grover Cleveland

What was Grover Clevelands career after president?

lived with his uncle in buffalo after president

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