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Q: What problems did Sam Houston face in his first term as president?
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What challenges did Sam Houston face when he began his second term as?


What problems did Sam Houston and Lamar face as President of Texas?

Both Texas Presidents had a major public debt to deal with and the Native Americans remained at war with the Texians at every opportunity.

What domestic policies did Sam Houston face while in office the first term?

Sam Houston, during his first term in office, faced the securing of the borders. Sam Houston also had to face many financial policies.

What problems did John F Kennedy face while he was president?

he died

What issues did sam Houston face while being president?

The major issue was whether to secede and join the Confederacy. Houston opposed and lost his presidency over it.

What problems did Sam Houston face?

he faced the battle of san jacinto and going into dept also missing the Cherokee Indians

What problems did Thomas Jefferson face while being president?

Do you even lift bro

What problems did Lincoln face as president?

American civil war slavery in the u.s. American civil war slavery in the u.s.

Who was the first US President to meet a Japanese emperor face to face?

Gerald Ford became the first US President to visit Japan in November of 1974.

What problems did Mirabeau Lamar face while being president for Texas?


What After the breakup of the Soviet union what problems did Yeltsin face as the president of the Russian federation?

blocked the August Coup

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Cissy Houston has written: 'Remembering Whitney' 'He Leadeth Me, Face to Face'