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Q: What procedure is followed by internal reconstruction?
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What era followed the Reconstruction era?

The Reconstruction era was followed by the Post-Reconstruction era, also known as the Gilded age.

Distinguish between internal and external reconstruction of a company?

internal reconstruction no new company is formed in external reconstruction an existing company is dissolved and a new company is formed with the same shareholdders. there will be absence of liquidation expenses in internal reconstruction. liquidation expenses is present in external reconstruction.

What is a osteotomy?

a surgical procedure in which the bones of the hip joint are cut, reoriented, and fixed in a new position. Healthy cartilage is placed in the weight-bearing area of the joint, followed by reconstruction of the joint in a more normal position.

Mammary prosthesis would be used for what type of procedure?

Breast reconstruction

What us war was followed by the period known as reconstruction?

The Civil War.

Under what circumstances internal reconstruction becomes desirable how it is affected?

It's also desirable to use internal reconstruction to uncover an earlier form of various languages, and to submit those pre- languages to comparative method.

What procedure to be followed when crime is committed?

The procedure to be followed when a crime has been committed is to notify law enforcement as soon as possible. Move to a safe place if in danger.

How do you make sentence with procedure?

I followed the common procedure of copying homework from the internet, in writing this sentence.

How did congress make certain that southerns states followed the laws of Reconstruction?

such monkey balls......

How did congress make certain southern states followed the laws of reconstruction?

such monkey balls......

Distinguish between internal and external reconstruction?

INTERNAL RECONSTRUCTION- when the name of the co. remain as before but changes are made in assets and liabilities of the co. and entries are made in the books of the co. of such changes and balance sheet is amended it is called internal reconstruction. EXTERNAL RECONSTRUCTION- when such heavy changes are not possible or new capital is to be issued or there is much dissent among shareholders or by changing the name of the co. , an effort is made to give new life to the co. the co. is liquidated and a new co. is formed to purchase the assets and liabilities of old co. ,it is called external reconstruction.

What is an internal procedure involving groups or individuals who are based entirely within an organization?

Internal control