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The freedmen provided cheap labor and expertise skills in the reconstruction governments.

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Q: What role did freedmen play in reconstruction governments?
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How did the freedmen view freedom during reconstruction?

what was the role for the freedmen ain reconstruction what was the job for the freedmen in reconstruction governments

What role did the freedmen play in the Reconstruction governments?

The freedmen were the 4 million african americans that came to the South after they had been free. They gave Reconstruction goverments a glimpse of the struggle and hunger that the 4 million freedmen had. :(

What did African Americans play in reconstruction government?

idk you'll hve to look in the google section or go on sorry no info on this question because i also need this info about this ? Freedmen played an important role in Reconstruction governments because they took an active role in many different facets and areas of the reconstruction governments and as such their contribution should not be minimized nor indeed underestimated. Theirs your answer your welcome!

What role did the freedmen's bureau plays in reconstruction?

He played a really big role..... W/o him there would be no education for the blacks....

What role did the freedmans bureau play in reconstruction?

garbage man

What role did Africans Americans play in early reconstruction politics in the south?

they played the role of being freed

What role did African Americans play during early Reconstruction politics in the South?

they played the role of being freed

How do most governments play a role in the economy?

Answer They promote a stable economy.

What role did the freedmans bureau play in reconstuction?

They gave freedmen fourty acres and a mule ( neve actually gave them a mule)

What role did Oliver O. Howard play in the Reconstruction Era?

He was the head of the freedmans bureau

What role did the redeemers play in ending reconstruction?

they worked to put white southerners back into power

What role did federal troops play during reconstruction?

They helped flip hamburgers and paint trees