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1. Chief of State

2. Chief Executive

3. Chief Administrator

4. Diplomat

5. Commander in chief

6. Chief Legislator

7. Party Chief

8. Chief Citizen

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Q: What roles does the president fill?
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What is the job description for the President of the US?

The President must fill a number of different roles at the same time. These roles are chief of state,chief executive, chief administrator, chief diplomat, commander in chief, chief legislator, party chief, and chief citizen. Save

Which roles does the president traditionally and constitutionally carry out?

which roles does the president traditional and constitutionally carry out

What are the two official roles of the Vice-president?

There are two official roles for the vice president. The two official roles of vice president are to take on the responsibility of president in the event he is unable to perform his duties, and to preside over the Senate.

What are the presidents roles?

When the president dies the vice president becomes the president

How do you fill about being president?

Fill? If you mean feel, I feel it would be cool to be president!

What roles do the member of the congress fill?

they make the laws but dont pass them

What president was an chief agenda setter?

every's one of his roles

The president's constitutional roles such as chief executive and commander-in-chief?

The president's constitutional roles have expanded in practice to be more powerful than the Founder Fathers intended. These roles include Chief Executive and Commander in Chief.

What roles did leaders like john smith and john winthrop fill?

The king.

What are bits and pieces cricketers?

Players who fill various roles but are not exceptional in any.

Did George Washington have to fill out a application to become president?

yes George Washington had to fill put an application to become president

Who would fill the vacancy of the president?

The vice-president becomes president if the presidency is vacated.