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Lydia H. Hancock's death is totally unspecified, most say she died of natural causes, but none are sure.

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she sucked to much balls

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Lydia died of natural causes

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Q: What sickness did Lydia Hancock die from?
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When did john Hancock's kids die?

Lydia Hancock 10months old John George Washington Hancock 8 years old

How did John Hancock feel when Lydia died?

She did not die cos he ran away from her

How many children did george Hancock have?

yes he had two they were named....John George Washington Hancock • Lydia Henchman Hancock

What are the children named of John Hancock?

Lydia and John

Who was john Hancock's spouse and child's name?

His wife was Dorothy Quincy and the children were Lydia Henchman Hancock and John George Washington Hancock.

What are John Hancock's kid's name's?

His son's name is John George Washington and his daughter's name is Lydia Henchman Hancock.

How many people did John Hancock married?

Just one, Dorothy Quincy Hancock, they had three children, Lydia Hancock who died at ten months, John George Washington Hancock who died at nine, and Nancy Hancock, who died immediately after birth.

What were the birthdays of John Hancock's two children Lydia and John?

John and Dorothy Hancock had two children that died early in their lives. Lydia Hancock was born in October of 1776 and died in August of 1777. She was about ten months old. John George Washington Hancock was born on May 21, 1778, and died January 27, 1787. He was eight years old.

Did John Hancock have kids with Dorothy Quincy Hancock?

Yes. They had a daughter named Lydia Henchman Hancock and a son named John George Washington Hancock.1But neither of whom survived to adulthood. * Lydia Hancock (Oct 1776-Aug 1777); died at the age of about ten months. * John George Washington Hancock (21 May 1778-27 January 1787); died at the age of eight years.(1 taken from Wikipedia - John Hancock

Who were the children of John Hancock and Dorothy Quincy?

Lydia Hancock (1776-1777) John George Washington Hancock (1778-1787)

How old was Lydia Henchman Hancock in 1773?

Her gravestone in Fairfield, CT says she was 63 when she died in 1776

Did John Hancock's mother die?

Lydia Hancock died because of some natural causes, but people are still not sure