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Q: What state allowed free blacks to vote in the wake of the American revolution?
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How did blacks respond to the opportunities presented by the Revolutionary War. How effective were their responses?

The Revolution created an opportunity for blacks to begin making demands of white society. Blacks petitioned Congress and state legislatures to abolish slavery and give blacks equal rights. However, the structure of American society at the time made it near impossible for blacks to be allowed freedom and equality (power of the cotton plantation, the slave trade, the politics of unity between northern and southern elites, established culture of race prejudice in the colonies, etc.)

When North Carolina became a state after or before the American revolution?

North Carolina became a state after the american revolution

How did the american revolution impact the relationship between the church and the state?

The American revolution led to the separation of Church and State.

What state allowed free blacks and women to vote in the early years of the republic?


Who was LA's governor during the American Revolution?

Louisiana, as a state, did not exist at the time of the American Revolution.

Whose side was Arkansas on during the American Revolution?

Arkansas was not even a state during the American Revolution.

What state did American Revolution end?


How did the American Revolution affect Kentucky?

It didn't as Kentucky was neither a colony nor state during the American Revolution.

What state did the french get back after the American revolution?


What is state is the birthplace of the American revolution?

Boston, Massachusetts

After the American Revolution the state capitals were relocated to?

They were moved westward.

Arizona daughters of the American revolution?

Arizona wasn't a state or territory during the revolution. It was owned by Spain.