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Q: What statement is are correct theses passages from a speech by susanb Anthony?
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Which of the following statements isare correct about these passages from a speech by Susan B. Anthony?

She uses logos to persuade her audience

What element of rhetoric is most evident in these passages from a speech by Susan B. Anthony?


What is an incendiary speech or statement?

Provocative speech or annoying speech

Is this statement correct- with the help of warehousing prevention of shortage of goods in the market can be maintained?

Oh, it is correct, in its tortured, passive way. Use plain speech: Warehousing helps prevent shortages in the market.

Is this statement direct or indirect speech - 'He said to me let us have dinner'?

This statement is direct speech because it directly quotes what someone said.

How do you change direct speech to indirect speech of pronouns?

To change direct speech to indirect speech for pronouns, you generally need to replace the pronouns with their corresponding indirect or reported speech pronouns. For example, 'I' in direct speech would change to 'he' or 'she' in indirect speech depending on the gender. Ensure that the pronouns match the subject of the reported speech and maintain the correct tense and meaning of the original statement.

What is the part of speech the answer is correct circle the letter?

The part of speech of "correct" in this sentence is an adjective.

Which of Friends and fellow citizens I stand before you tonight under indictment for the alleged crim statements below is most correct about this excerpt taken from a speech by Susan B. Anthony?

It shows ethos, because Anthony says she was willing to risk going to jail.

Who is speech did Susan B Anthony use?

the susan b anthony speech is about the presidental election and she had a chance to tell the world that wmen and men can vote so it can all be even

What is a central idea of a speech?

The central idea of a speech is like the thesis statement.

Why might listening to a speech be harder than reading an essay?

Listeners can't reread passages.

Speech at the Lincoln Memorial?

This is not a question it is a statement.