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Q: What substance interacts to form the bond in tempera painting?
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What type of bond is formed when a water molecule interacts with an ammonia molecule?

i guess,its hydrogen bond..

What happens to oil when you mix it with an egg yolk?

Egg yolk by itself dries up and cracks, but in the middle ages it was very popular to create a yellow color for a paint. To create this paint (called Tempera) the egg yolk would be added to oil on a 1:1 basis. The two substances become a solution, and the oil keeps the egg yolk in a consistency we think of with paint (thick and viscuous). Some sort of acidic substance is also added usually, like vinegar or white wine. When the tempera is used for painting, it dries quickly, and the oil causes the pigment in the egg to bond with the surface that is painted. See the related link for examples of Tempera art.

How can a type of bond determine the volatility of a substance?

A stronger chemical bond (such as a covalent or ionic bond) forms a more stable substance; a weaker bond (such as a dipole or hydrogen bond) forms a more volatile substance.

Is chemical bond a substance?


Is observation enough to determine what type of bond a substance has?

The bond type of as substance cannot be determined by observation only.

What atomic particle interacts between atoms to form a chemical bond?

Electrons. (Or positrons if you're talking about antimatter)

When does a chemical bond occur?

no a substance is occurring

Where does a substance attach to the enzymes?

Peptide bond

When sodium interacts with chlorine sodium loses and electron while chlorine loses one. this interactions forms?

ionic bond

How do increasing the temperature of a liquid affect the dissolving of a substance?

because you are breaking apart either the dipole bond or hydrogen bond molecules within the substance

Why sodium and potassium will or will not react to form a bond with each other?

Potassium has a chloride mixture which makes it so sodium interacts easily with it to form the bond

What type of chemical bond causes a substance to have a very high melting point?

an ionic bond