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The french peasants paid royal taxes, tithes to the church, and manorial dues to the lords

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Only the third estate that represented everybody who was not either clergy or nobility.

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Q: What taxes did french peasants pay?
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What taxes did french peasants pay to the nobles?


What were the condition of the peasants in the french society?

they had to pay high taxes.their earning was repayes in loans and taxes.

What were the causes of the french revolutin?

The causes of the french revolution is because of the rich and poor. The rich (nobles and kings) do not have to pay taxes. The poor (farmers and peasants) have to pay heavy taxes when they make so little. They got angry and then attack.

What are the two taxes prevalent in France before the French revolution?

Peasants were taxed the heaviest during the French Revolution. Peasants had to pay land taxes, taxes to the church, and taxes on family members.

What were the types of taxes extracted by french government?

the church extracted its share of taxes called tithes from peasants and finally all members of the third estate had to pay taxes to the state. These included taille, and a no. of indirect taxes like salt or tobacco etc.

What were the burdens of the peasants in the French Revolution?

Peasants suffered under the burden of higher taxes during the French Revolution. Peasants suffered social, economic,and political inequalities. Peasants suffered from out-of-date feudal dues that were being collected with renewed vigor, leading up to the Revolution.

Did Peasants working in foreign owned plantations suffer high taxes?

Peasants working did pay high taxes to live and work the land for the landlord, but these were no foreign nor were they plantations.

What social groups were exempt from paying taxes Prior to the French Revolution?

The Third Estate, which included peasants, craftsmen, and business people.

Who got taxed in the French Revolution?

everyone got taxed except for the aristocracy (the nobility). The clergy sometimes could get out of having to pay taxes as well. The peasants had no way around it.

What was zabt?

peasants they wont pay taxes then his property will be sale by called zabt.

How much money did the peasants have to pay in taxes?

none they rock suck it lords in the middle ages

What made bishops rich?

the bishop was advising the king in religious matters he also got land of the king and he had peasants working on it and the peasants had to pay taxes and give food