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# England # Germany # France

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Q: What three countries were industrialized first in Europe?
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What three countries were the first to be industrialized in continential Europe?

France, Germany, and Belgium.

What three countries were the first to be industrialized in the continental Europe?

France, Belgium, and Germany.

What three counties were the first to be industrialized in continental Europe?

Africa and asia europe

What 3 countries were the first to be industrialised in continental Europe?

Great Britain was the first industrialized country in Europe. They began their Industrial Revolution in the 1700s. When the Industrial Revolution then spread to the European mainland in the 1800s, really three countries became industralized at the same time, so you need a total of the first four. These countries were France, Germany, and Belgium. So the first four industrialized countries in Europe were Great Britain, France, Germany, and Belgium. 

What are three examples of industrialized countries?

Most countries now a days are industrialized to some degree, though there are many that remain somewhat agrarian. Russia, America and Germany are all industrialized countries.

Name any three landlocked countries of Europe?

Three landlocked countries in Europe are Switzerland, Austria, and Hungary.

What country in Europe borders three other countries?

Germany borders three other countries in Europe: France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

What are some countries in Europe that begin with the letter I?

Three countries of Europe that begin with I are Ireland, Iceland, and Italy.

Is Italy France and Poland the three countries in western Europe?

Western Europe has twenty-four countries, not just three. Yes, Italy and France are in Western Europe, however, Poland is in Eastern Europe.

Which three are in both Europe and Asia?

Three what? Countries? They are five transcontinental countries between Europe and Asia: Azerbaijan Georgia Kazakhstan Russia Turkey

Who is the three leaders in Europe now?

Europe is a continent with over 50 countries. Each of those countries have their own leaders. So there are a lot more than three leaders in Europe.

Name three countries found in europe?

Italy, France, and Spain are three countries that are found in Europe.