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Q: What town in Massachusetts did the British troops search for weapons and gunpowder?
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To search a colonists house or warehouse a british officer presented a?

To search a colonist house a British customs officer presented a writ of assistance. This allowed the officer to enter and search the home.

British troops marched on Concord in order to capture?

In April of 1775, British troops marched on the town of Concord (Massachusetts) in order to capture arms which they believed were hidden there. Nonverbal orders to the British commander seem also to have included the capture of rebel leaders who might be residing in or around the same town. In their search of the town, the British did find a small cache of arms, but they were soon forced to fall back towards Boston after facing superior numbers (and fire) from colonial militia troops.

Who was the commanding officer of the battle of concord?

The British commander was General Thomas Gage. In 1774 he was appointed the military governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay (Massachusetts) under the laws known as the Intolerable Acts. After troops arrived from England and the battle of Bunker Hill was fought (June 17, 1775), Gage received word of his recall as commander on September 26, 1775. He was replaced by General William Howe, but nominally retained his governorship of Massachusetts.

Why was amendment 4 created?

The 4th amendment states that people have the right to say if they want somebody to search there house or any of their properties. Im not sure why it was passed but it was probably because of somebody who got mad that the police were always allowed to just come in your house without you having any say in it.

What year was the American Revolution war?

The first battle of the war was at Lexington-Concord on April 19,1775. The last battle was the Battle at Yorktown which ended with the surrender of Cornwallis on Oct. 19,1783.

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The revolutionary war began shortly after british troops march toward Massachusetts to search for weapons andd gunpowder?


Where did the British search for weapons and gunpowder during the revolutionary war?

To prevent was from starting and the colonists to have any weapons to use against them.

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Where did british soldiers search for a major stash of colonial weapons?

In the city of Concord

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What allowed British to search colonists homes?

It's the Writs Of Assistance that allowed the British to search homes. =) This was on my History Test!

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