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Extere was the first capital of New Hampshire.

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Q: What town was the first capital of NH?
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What was the first capital of nh?


What is the first capital of new hamphire?

concord NH

What state has the capital of NH?

NH is the postal abbreviation for New Hampshire. Concord is the capital city of New Hampshire.

What is the capital of Hancock NH?

Hancock is a town in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Hillsborough County has two county seats - Manchester and Nashua. Concord is the capital city of New Hampshire.

What was the first publicity in US?

The town of Peterborough, NH established the first free publicly funded library in the world in 1833.

What town is Mount Washington in?

Mt. Washington, NH then it is located just outside of the center of Gorham, NH in Green's Grant. The town that they use for GPS location is Gorham, NH

What was the capital of NH before Concord?


In what year was the town of Somersworth NH founded?

somersworth nh was founded in 1729!! hope this helps :)

Where was the first capital of texas located?

The first Capital of Texas was the town of Columbia, today the town is known as West Columbia which is about 50 miles south of Houston, in Brazoria County. It served as the Capital from September to December 1836.

In what city and state did the colonist established their first formal government and capital?

That would be James Town the first capital of Virginia

What was the name of the first capital in nevis?

St. James Town

What was maine' s first capital?

The first town in the District of Maine was a town called Kittery. Kittery was incorporated from Piscataquis Plantation on November 20, 1652. The town serves as the gateway to Maine from points south with its old and more modern bridges spanning the Piscataqua river.