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Q: What triggered the periods of growth and decline of the US federal debt?
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What do alternating periods of economic growth and decline make up?

business cycle

What is alternating periods of growth and decline?

It's the concept of alternating periods of economic expansion (growth) and contraction (decline) in an economy. These cycles are often referred to as the business cycle and can impact various economic indicators such as employment, inflation, and GDP. Understanding these cycles is crucial for policymakers and businesses to make informed decisions.

Tertiary sector decline growth?


What would be the effects of a decline in GDP?

Stagnation or decline of economic growth .

Does war bring about civilization's growth or decline?

War's bring growth (stimulation); a lack of war brings decline (lack of stimulation).

What was the importance of agriculture?

Agriculture provides food for the population. Lack of food resulted in periods of famine and decline in the population. The good functioning of agriculture and food surpluses affected population growth.

What is growth and decline?

growth is when a business has made many good improvements for the business to survive or the years decline is when the business is not good and the govern wants to get rid of it

What does growth and decline in business mean?

growth mean in bussiness that your bussiness getting bigger and decline mean when your bussiness goes down or when your bussiness bust.

The growth of secularism individualism and religious tolerance in Europe was triggered by?

The Reformation

What is triggered by the hormones?

They trigger biological reactions.They also trigger growth.

What is the opposite terminology of economic growth?

Economic Decline

What are the effects of poverty in Tanzania?

decline in economic growth