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republicans and democrats.

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Q: What two groups elect the US president?
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Who is the us president elect?

The President-elect is Barack H. Obama.

How long can you elect a president?

A US President may serve only two concurrent elective terms.

Who is the Vice President elect of the US?

Joseph Biden is the Vice President-elect of the United States.

Who is the New elect vice president of US for 2008 election?

Joe Biden is the Vice President elect for the 2008 election.

How should you elect a president in the US?

A woman for a change.

How long do the US elect the president?

eight years

When are you going to elect the new US president?


Who the first colored president of the US of America?

President elect Barack Obama

What is the body of electors who formally elect the US president and vice president?


How often do we elect a president in the US?

Every 4 years.

Who is the new elect us president?

Barack Obama how do you not know that

Who is a person who you elect into power to represent citizens in the US?