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Relocation diffusion.

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Q: What type of diffusion is migration?
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What aided culture diffusion among ancient peoples?


What are 3 factors to cultural diffusion?

Trade routes, migration patterns, and communication technologies are three factors that contribute to cultural diffusion by facilitating the exchange and spread of ideas, beliefs, and practices among different societies.

What modern type of migration is most similar to the migration of ancient cultures?

chain migration

What is language diffusion?

Language diffusion refers to the spread of a language across different regions or communities through contact and communication with speakers of other languages. This can happen through migration, conquest, trade, or other forms of cultural exchange, leading to the adoption of certain linguistic features by other groups.

A type of diffusion that uses carrier molecules but no energy?


What type of diffusion did the Olympic games spread by?

Cultural diffusion.

How do you use relocation diffusion in a sentence?

Relocation diffusion occurs when people move to a new location and bring their cultural practices with them. For example, the spread of yoga from India to Western countries through migration of practitioners is an example of relocation diffusion.

Does migration cause cultural diffusion?

Yes, migration can cause cultural diffusion as people bring their beliefs, customs, and traditions to new places. This can lead to the exchange of ideas, practices, and customs between different cultures, enriching and influencing each other.

Is facilitated diffusion active?

No. Facilitated diffusion is a type of passive transport.

Is a specialized form of diffusion and diffusion is a type of passive transport.?


Is a specialized form of diffusion and diffusion is a type of passive transport?


What type of diffusion helps glucose enter the cell?

facilitated diffusion