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The U.S. quarter coin and the U.S. dollar bill.

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He is on the one dollar bill.

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Q: What type of dollar bill is George Washington' s head on?
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How do you turn George Washington's head on a dollar bill into a mushroom?

Fold it

What were George Washington's achievements?

George Washington was the first president of the USA ans he is the head/face on the 1 dollar bill

Who was the head of the continental army?

George Washington

Who is picture is on head of a quarter?

George Washington

What caused Augustine Washington's death?

A 'fit of Gout in the head' caused his death. George Washington [his son] died of a throat infection. Lawrence Washington [George's brother] died when George was young. It was George Washington's brother, John Augustine "Jack", who died of "gout in the head", not his father.

Wjo is the head of the us government?

George Washington

Head coverings during George Washington's time?


Whom was elected to head the convention?

George Washington

What the value of your bulls head bank 3 dollar bill 1864?

The value of a bulls head 3 dollar bill from 1864 will depend on the condition. A bill is fair to good condition is worth an estimated $50.00 US dollars.

How much will a 1789 George Washington dollar sell for?

$1. It's an ordinary circulation coin. Also, it's not gold, just brass. More Information: There was no George Washington dollar minted in 1789. The only coin honoring Washington that could have possibly been minted in that year was an undated one cent coin with a head on both sides. This was probably the only legal 2 headed coin to circulate in the US.

The second continental congress appointed as the head of the continental army?

George Washington was selected to form and lead the continental army.

Where is the mushroom on the 1 dollar bill?

Washintons head folded is the mushroom!