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king williams war

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thee civil war

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Q: What us war broke out the same yeat the federal government first printed paper money?
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Is 1934 the first year they printed hundred dollar bills?

Not at all. The Federal government first issued that denomination in the mid-19th century.

What is the value of a 1913 federal reserve note?

Priceless. The first Federal Reserve Notes were printed in 1914.

When paper money was first printed what was it backed by?

the government

In what year was the first US 20 dollar Federal Reserve Note printed?

The first $20 FRN was printed in 1914. Unlike modern Federal Reserve Notes the bills had red seals; seal colors weren't standardized until 1928.

Which form was created first Federal government or state government?


What are the levels of government in Canada?

The Levels of Government from Highest to lowest is:The Federal,the Provincial,Territorial,and the Municipal level.

What is the history of the government for Australia?

The first Australian ( Federal) government was elected in 1901

When was the first Australian federal government elected?


Philadelphia is home to the first federal structure comissioned by the federal government what is it?

The U. S. Mint

What was the federal government's first entry into transportation?

national road

Prior to requesting assistance through intrastate mutual aid should a state first ask the federal government for resources?

No. A state should not first ask the federal government for resources.

Was the first health insurance plans in the US were provided by the federal government?

Depends on how you define a "health insurance plan". In a sense, General George Washington had the first health insurance plan that was provided by the federal government. When he become injured or ill, the federal government funded his treatment.