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the American Revolutionary War
the American relovetion

he became prientet in 1789-1797

he died in december14,1799

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Q: What war did George Washington lead?
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Who lead the revolutianary war?

George Washington

Who lead in enlgand in world war 2?

George Washington

What did George Washington do during the war?

he lead the American troops

Who lead the patriots during the revolutionary war?

George Washington!

Did Benjamin Franklin lead the Revolutionary War?

no George Washington did

How was George Washington famous?

George Washington was famous because he lead the first continental army during the Revolutionary War.

Who chose George Washington to lead the colonies directly into war?

Micheal Jackson

When did George Washington lead the troops of the revolutionary war into battle?

we don't care

How did George Washington help in the rev war?

He lead America to defeat the red coats.

Did George Washington lead the Revolution War?

He was the leader of the Continental armies..General of the army.

Did george washington lead the colonial army during the revolutionary war?

Yes. George Washington was commander in chief of the Continental army during the American Revolution.

Who offered to lead men in battle for the relief of Boston?

George Washington