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All of the above (Apex) xD

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All of the above

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Q: What wars generated famous American patriotic songs?
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Can you name 3 American songs?

From the so-called Great American Songbook, you have Summertime, Making Whoopie and Route 66. But there are hundreds of thousands of others, from early dixieland to the collected works of Miley Cyrus. Just Google 'American songs' and you will find them.

3. According to the article excerpt above what effect did the British invasion have on mainstream popular music?

Since we don't have the article given you we can only guess the answer. Popular music of the 1700's were hymns and choral music. In 1768 the first propaganda song was written it was called The Liberty Song set to an English tune. The earliest American words to Yankee Doodle was written and the first patriotic war song by a Native American was done in 1778. The Grand Constitution written in 1787 is set to an English tune. Most songs used tunes from other songs and just changed the words. This was done a great deal through the 1700's through the 1800's.

What are some songs about peace?

One of the most well known songs about peace is Imagine by John Lennon. Bomb the World by Michael Franti is another song about peace. Some other songs about peace are War, and Got to Have Peace.

What are reggae songs about?

Reggae is normally about Social Injustice, Spirituality or Love.

How did the revolutionary war lead to American patriotism?

American patriotism came about due to England's refusal to understand that their expectations: taxation without representation, high prices of trade goods, expectation that only England could trade with the colonies - were in excess of what the people could tolerate. The Revolutionary War showed England and the world that the colonies - United States by 1776 - were ready, willing and capable of ruling themselves.

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Where can you download all Hindi patriotic songs from?

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What is edjean semeleer?

A famous Aruban singer born in 1983. Made famous because of his end of the year albums and concerts and patriotic songs.

Where can one find a listing of patriotic songs?

One can find a listing of patriotic songs at websites such as Wikipedia and Yahoo Voices. You can also find a listing of patriotic songs at websites such as The Nation and Paste Magazine.

10 patriotic songs?

we are the kids im proud to be an american god bless america this is my country hope this helped

What was phillis wheatley's accomplishments?

She was a play and poem writer, who supported American Independence. She supported this throughout her patriotic songs, poems, and plays.

Who sung most patriotic songs in Indian films of Bollywood?

Playback singer Mahendra Kapoor has sung most patriotic songs for Bollywood movies.

Which famous American composer wrote songs about the south?

Stephen Foster was the famous American composer who wrote songs about the South. Foster was born in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania in 1826.

Which songs is Aaron Tippin most famous for?

Aaron Tippin is an American country music singer who is famous for many songs. Some of the songs he is most famous for include Kiss This and You've Got to Stand for Something.

What is Baja Mali Knindza most famous for?

Baja Mali Knindza is a turbo folk singer who performs patriotic songs and odes to alcohol. He also sings songs about the Serbian war effort against the Croats and Bosniaks.

What are the release dates for CMT The Greatest - Greatest Patriotic Songs - 2005 TV?

CMT The Greatest - Greatest Patriotic Songs - 2005 TV was released on: USA: 4 July 2005

Who used themes from American folk songs and hymns in his orchestral works?

Aaron Copland was famous for using themes from American folk songs in his works.

Why is lil'wayne famous?

he's a rap singer. well, more like "singer" because most of the sound effects in his songs are computer-generated.