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He was one of the delegates from Georgia.

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your mother

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Q: What was Abraham Baldwin's role in the Constitutional Convention?
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What was James Madison role at the constitutional convention?

James Madison's role at the constitutional convention was to take notes of what every body said.

What was Georgia's role at the Constitutional Convention?

Abrahm Baldwin

What role did Andrew Jackson play in the constitutional convention?

Role at your moms house

What was Washington's role at the Constitutional Convention?

He Served as a chairman (the officer of the committee)

What role did Jefferson have in the ratification of constitution?

None because he wasn't at the Constitutional Convention

Who attended the constitutional convention and what role did they play?

George Washington was the presiding officer.

What was thomas jefforsons role at the constitutional convention?

Thomas Jefferson did not do anything at the Constitutional convention because he did not attend it. He was serving as Ambassador to France at the time and was in Paris.

What role did George Washington play in constitutional convention?

In 1787 Washington's concerns about the disintegration of the nation prompted him to serve as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. He presided over the convention, and his support was key to ratification of the newly proposed Constitution.

What role did Rufus King play in the Constitutional Convention?

There were many actions that Rufus King took to help the US Constitution. He was a Massachusetts delegate during the Continental Convention. He rallied for the support of colonies for the fight for independence. He also was one of the signers of the US Constitution.

What was William Fews role in the Georgia state constitutional convention?

he helped it through its first obstacle which was approval by congress.

What role did Washington play in the drafting of the U.S. constitution?

Thomas Jefferson

What events played a Key role in the call for the Constitutional Convention?

Extravagant English taxes and the Boston tea party.