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Charlotte Bronte

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Q: What was Currer Bell's real name?
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What is the real name of currer bell?

Charlotte Bronte

Why did Charlotte Bronte use the name Currer Bell in her writing?

Charlotte Bronte used the pen name Currer Bell because she was a woman. During the 1800s, women were not respected as authors.

What is Kristen Bell's real name?

Kristin Bells real name is Kristin Anne Bell. Either way, if your not counting her real middle name, her real name really is Kristin Bell.

What has the author Alan Richard Stewart Currer written?

Alan Richard Stewart Currer has written: 'Allocation of home help'

What was Alexander grahm bells real name?

Alexander Graham Bell's real name was Alexander Bell. The "Graham" was added later by his father in honor of Alexander's mother's maiden name, Graham.

Who wrote the navel Jane Eyre?

Charlotte Bronte, under the fake name Currer Bell.

What is bells real name the girl from twilight?

Isabella Marie Swan is played by actor Kristen Stewart.

Plural form of the last name Bell?

The plural of bell is bells. As in "the bells are ringing".

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What was Emily Bronte's pseudonym?

The three Bronte sisters were Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte and Anne Bronte. The most famous of their books were Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. :)

What is Charlie Swan's nickname for Bella in 'Twilight'?

"Bells" is Charlie Swan's nickname for his daughter Bella in "Twilight."Bella's name is actually Isabella. But she dislikes the name and prefers to shorten it to Bella. Charlie undoubtedly likes Bella's real first name, because he calls her that behind her back. To Bella's face, though, he has his own nickname of "Bells."

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