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Q: What was Edmund randolph's counterproposal for having one president?
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What is good about having a president?

the good thing about having a president is having someone to lead for you and represent the whole country instead of each and every single one of the citizens having to

What are the positive and negative consequences of a president having a limit of two terms?

one positive is that it gives the president an equal of ruling as President

Have Daisy and Edmund from Meg Rosoff's book How I live now had real sex?

Yes, in the book "How I Live Now" by Meg Rosoff, Daisy and Edmund are depicted as having a sexual relationship. Their interactions involve intimacy and discussions about their feelings for each other.

Could Bill Clinton could be Vice President For Hillary?

No. The vice-president must be eligible to be President, which Bill is not, having already served two terms as President.

What president is known for having the White House burned?


Who was the first person to occupy the White House with out having to run for president or Vice-President?

Gerald R. Ford

Who was president of the US in January 1914?

Woodrow Wilson was president in January of 1914, having been elected in 1912.

Who was the first us vice president named acting president while his boss was having surgery?

joe bison

Was president Grant a free mason?

There is no known record of President Ulysses Grant having been a Freemason.

Why is having a prime minister and a king bad for Spain?

Spain does not have a Prime Minister and a King. Spain has a Presidente del Gobierno (President of the Government) and a king. Having a President and a king is not bad for Spain.

Can Bill Clinton become Vice President based on the 22nd Amendment?

No- Clinton having already served two terms as President is not eligible to be vice president.

What are the pros and cons of having the president and Congress of the same political party?

One of the cons of having the president and congress be from the same political party is that there might not be a balance and that it might not represent Americans properly. One of the pros of having the same political party for president and in congress is that there is less opposition to pass the bills and law that they want to pass.