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He was 67 years old.

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Q: What was George Washington's age at death?
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How many years after George Washingtons death did construction of the monument began?

30 years

What was George Washingtons's first job?

He was a surveyor at age 16. He was apart of a surveying expedition.

What was the name of Martha washingtons first husband and what caused his death?

martha washingtons first husband was mr.custus and he died for no reason he just had died of an old age

What was the cause of george washingtons death?

look up WHY DID GEORGE WASHINGTON DIE on and if that doesn't work, look it up in google

What was some of George Washingtons child hood?

what was George washingtons child live like

When was george washingtons carver's death?

he died Jan 5 1943 of anemia a low level of red blood cells

What is George Washingtons's full name?

George Washington.

Is George Washingtons single?

No, George Washington is not single.

Who were George Washingtons relitives?

George Washingtons dad was Augustine Washington and his second wife which is his mother is Mary Ball Washington.

What is washingtons first name?


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