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a person who lived

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Q: What was George Washington like as a child?
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What was some of George Washingtons child hood?

what was George washingtons child live like

Who was George Washington's child?

George Washington didn't have children.

What did George Washington do as a child?

George Washington helped his family

When did George Washington have his child?

George Washington did not father any children.

What kind of child George Washington?

a normal child

What was George Washington like?

George Washington was a sweet and generous man.

Who did George Washington look up to as a child?

George Washington looked up to his father and also to Ben Franklin.

Did George Washington child have both female and male parts?


What job did George Washington want to do when he was a child?

a president of the states

Besides George Washington who else is like cincinnatus?

George Washington's twin

Who was Martha Washington and what was her life like?

Martha Washington was George Washington's first wife. Her life after she married George Washington, she felt trapped like in prison.

What was George Washington's personality like?

George Washington was an honest and strong willed man