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Q: What was George Washington real name before he got married?
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What was George Washington's wife's name before she married George Washington?

George Washington's wife was the widow Martha Dandridge Custis (1731-1802) who married George in 1759.

Who was Martha Washington married to before George Washington?

Yes. Her name was Martha Washington. They were married on Jan. 6, 1759. It was her second marriage.

What was matha's last name be for she gotten married?

Martha Washington's last name before you got married was Dandridge. She was first married to Daniel Parke Custis (1750-1757) and then she married George Washington (1759-1799).

Was George Washington married if so what was his wife's name?

George Washington's wife was Martha.

What was Martha Washingtons name before she married George Washington?

Martha Parke Custis or her maiden name was Martha Dandridge.

What was George Washington's mother's last name after she was married to Augustine Washington?


What was George vwashington wife's name?

George Washington was married to Martha Dandridge Custis Washington

What was Martha Washington27s name before she met George Washington?

Martha Washington's name was Martha Dandridge Custis. Before marrying George in 1759, she had been married for seven years to Daniel Parke Custis (1711-1757).

Who was Washingtons wife?

Her maiden name was Martha Dandridge. She was the widow of Daniel Parke Custis before she married George Washington.

What are 4 facts about Martha Washington?

Her name is Martha Washington She married Daniel Parke Custis Had children with him And married George Washington

What was Mrs Washington's name?

Martha Dandridge was her maiden name. She was a a widow , known as Martha Custis, when she married George.

What was George Washington's mom's name?

George's mother's name was Marry Ball Washington who was the second person George's father married