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His plan was to give English debtors land to farm.

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Q: What was Oglethorpe's plan for the colony of Georgia?
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What was the primary interest of the british government in approving James oglethorpes Georgia colony?

The primary interest of the British government in approving James Oglethorpe's Georgia colony was Thwarting Spanish claims in the area South of Carolina.

How might the colony of Georgia have been different of Oglethorpes plan had succeeded?

The colony would have been founded by Britain's poor, giving them a chance to start over in the New World. The colony would also have been founded as an agrarian republic, meaning everyone would be farming equal shares of land and having an equal new start in Georgia. The modern state of Georgia might not reflect any of these beginnings if Oglethorpe's plan had succeeded, but the colony would look something like that if the plans had worked.

What did oglethorpes plan for georgle fall?

This question is meaningless gibberish.

What was Oglethorpe's plan for colony of Georgia?

His plan was to give English debtors land to farm.

Why did oglethorpes plan for geogria fail?

Oglethorpe's plan for Georgia failed for several reasons, including conflict with Spanish forces in Florida, financial difficulties, inadequate leadership, and struggles with maintaining order and relations with Native American tribes. Additionally, the initial restrictions placed on the colony, such as the ban on slavery and large landholdings, limited its economic growth and attractiveness to settlers.

How might the colony of Georgia have been diffrent if oglethorpes plan had succeeded?

Oglethorpe's plan for settlement of the new colony had been in the works since 1730. His goal was to move the English citizens imprisoned for debt to the new colony. He reasoned that England's prison population could be decreased in this way.It was considered a vision of social equity and civic virtue. equitable land allocation, spacing of towns, His aim included the layout of towns, stable land tenure, prohibition of slavery and maintaining a sustainable agrarian economy.With Oglethorpe's plan, there was no elected assembly. The plan itself was a miserable failure. Georgia residents complained and since they could not buy or sell their land, they felt trapped.If Oglethorpe had outlawed slavery and limited the size of land grants, the situation in the colony of Georgia would be completely changed.

What colony is north of Georgia?

The colony north of Georgia was South Carolina.

Why did Oglethorpe's plan for Georgia?

Georgia settlers went to Carolina to have larger farms.

Who was the founder of the Georgia colony?

Oglethorpe was the founder of the Georgia colony.

Where did the Georgia colony happen?

Savannah was where Georgia colony started.

When was hero Georgia colony settled?

when we the colony of Georgia settled

What colony was founded in 1733?