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so they can grow crops and eat there home meals

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Q: What was Rodger Williams reason for founding providence?
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Did the founding fathers go to school?

The founding fathers were educated between the years 1776 to 1787. They had a firm view aboutÊthe focus on education.Ê

Who would be considered the smartest founding fathers and why?

Thomas Paine. "The Age of Reason" Thomas Jefferson and Franklin also deserve to be mentioned I suppose

Which is the BEST explanation for the reason our Founding Fathers built a system of checks and balances into our government?

Multiple-choice questions only work when given the list of possible answers.

What does Zinn mean by the advantage of combining paternalism with command?

When Zinn spoke of "advantages of combining paternalism with command," he meant that the reason America's Founding Father's were able to succeed is due to their ability to treat their troops in a fatherly manner, and train and coach them.

What state were each of the founding fathers from?

There were lots of people who can be called founding fathers. The best thing for you to do is look up the individual names in an encyclopedia or your textbook. Even a dictionary will have the more famous men like Washington and Jefferson. If for some reason you don't have access to any such books do Google searches for the names you have, I'm sure they will all be on the internet many times. Anyway, go look them up. Any writeup on them will tell you their states. Michael Montagne I agree with the person above. The founding fathers are from such a wide rage of places that its hard to name all of the places. If there's once specific place your looking for or a specific founding father you want to find from a certain area do a search on google for the name or otherwise just put in founding fathers from the state of Connecticut or something. I hope i helped. There are many founding fathers that contributed to making our country what it is today but the most recognized are eleven of them. The following is a list of those eleven and what states they came from: George Washington, James Madison, Edmund Randolph, George Mason, and Thomas Jefferson (Virginia); John Adams (Massachusetts); Benjamin Franklin and James Wilson (Pennsylvania); Alexander Hamilton and Gouverneur Morris(New York); and Roger Sherman (Connecticut).

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What was the reason for the settlement in providence?

The settlement in Providence was founded by Roger Williams in 1636 as a refuge for those seeking religious freedom. Williams, a dissenter from the Puritan church in Massachusetts Bay Colony, established Providence as a place where all individuals could freely practice their beliefs without interference from the government.

Who was the reason for founding settling providence?

Roger Williams, a religious and political dissenter from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, founded the settlement of Providence in 1636. He sought a place where individuals could practice their beliefs freely, leading him to establish a community based on principles of religious tolerance and respect for Native American land rights.

What was the reason for funding providence settlement?

The reason for funding Providence settlement was to initiate community betterment products.

Who was in charge of Rhode Island colony?

Roger Williams formed the colony of Rhode Island after being banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for believing in the separation of church and state.

What was the reason for it settling Boston?

who settled Providence

What is the reason of Sunita Williams success?

sunitha williams reason for success

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How can you use the word providence in a sentence?

She attributed her success to the workings of providence, believing that everything happened for a reason according to a higher power's plan.

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What was reason for founding Pennsylvania?

The reason is: Profit from sailing land; Religious Freedom.