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A multistory building divided into crowded apartments was a tenement.

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Q: What was a multistory building divided into crowded appartments?
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What is a large building divided into separate flats called?

A large building divided into separate flats is called a tenement.

What is building load factor?

Believe it is gross residential area divided by gross building area.

How much is the cost of a six storied building divided into 3 unit building in mymensingh Bangladesh?

360 thousand Euro

How much the cost of a six storied building divided into 3 unit building in Mymensingh Bangladesh?

360 thousand Euros

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Divided co-ownership allows the division of a building into fractions. Each fraction belongs to one or several persons.

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industrial minerals or building materials

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The average height of a building is the height of every building in the world added together then divided by the number of all the buildings in the world. This would be a very difficult number to find as it is constantly changing.

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It (politically) divided Europe into Avignon & Roman.

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The church is not a building but a group of people and has been divided into the clergy and laity and now we have many divisions.

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How do you calculate the fire load of a building?

The weight of the material X type of material, divided by the area of compartment?

Why do Scots refer to a close?

The English have a different meaning to the word 'close' that's all. Answer A close in Scotland is the common entrance hall to a tenement building which is a building of multiple occupancy divided into four or more flats.