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henry cabot lodge

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Q: What was among those who led the effort to reject the league of the nations in the US Senate?
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What was among those who led the effort to reject the league of nations in the US Senate?

henry cabot lodge

Did the US reject the League Of Nations becauseof US policies of internationalism?


Did The US reject the League of Nations because of U.S. policies of internationalism?

No. The League of Nations had no real way of wielding its power and so the group fell apart somewhat naturally.

What is the league nation and why did congress reject it?

The League of Nations was a government formation resulting of the Treaty of Versailles during World War I. Congress rejected the Treaty of Versailles and reparations that Germany had to pay according to the treaty. Therefore the United States never joined the League of Nations.

Why did the US Senate reject American's participation in the league of nations?

Senate rejected the league of nations because of isolationists in the U.S, isolationists wanted America to keep away from European affairs, they wanted America to be isolated from Europe. - hope this helps :) if u need further explanation I am popeie3. But don't bug me though, I know all about WWI and WWII :)

Can the senate reject a president's judicial nomination?

yes they can.

Can the senate reject a treaty negotiated by the president?


What is the power given only to the senate?

The senate has the power to or reject important appointments made by the president

Why does Muslims reject the united nations?


Does the senate and house reject treaties?

yes, I think so.

Who argued the senate to reject Jay's Treaty?

George Washington

Which House has the ability to Approve or Reject Presidential Appointments?

The Senate has this responsibility.