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Less than 3rd rate citizens; by the Chaldeans, that stole their dwelling-plces. Behold ye among the heathan, and reguard, and wonder marvelously: for I shall #%@# the Chalde`ans, and have that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs. [HABAKKUK 1:5-6.] On line KJV

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If there ever were any native Americans they vanished long before any Europeans got to America. As for the Asiatic people who settled America before the Europeans, they were mostly treated as obstacles to European settlement and were dealt with in what seemed the most expeditious method to keep them from being a problem to the European settlers. Sometimes land was purchased and sometimes it was taken and defended by force. Always more Europeans arrived and demanded more room and more concessions. The so-called natives were not able to defend their borders and so were ever pushed farther back. The Europeans mostly believed that land was made for people to use and that they had as much right to it as anybody else and even more right if they improved it.

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Q: What was and is the treatment of Native Americans?
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Who protested the Jamestown governor's policies towards Native Americans?

No one protested the treatment of Native Americans. In fact the Native Americans outnumbered the 104 men. There was an empire of 15,000 Native Americans.

What group of people face unfair treatment?

African Americans and/or native Americans

What was the book that described Americans unfair treatment of native Americans?

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Is the treatment of Native Americans considered a Holocaust?

no, closer to a genocide

Was the US treatment of native Americans fair?

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How was penn's treatment of the native Americans related to Quakers beliefs?

He wants peace.

How was Penn's treatment of the native Americans relate to the Quakers beliefs?

He wants peace.

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Roman de Las casas

What book described the US government unfair treatment to the native Americans?

"A Century Of Dishonor"

Which group in colonial America experienced starvation disease and cruel treatment?

Native americans.

What 19th century book described the US government's broken promises and unfair treatment of Native Americans?

The 1881 book that exposed the harsh treatment of Native Americans was "A Century of Dishonor". Helen Hunt Jackson wrote the book in 1881.

What president was mostly responsible for this treatment of native americans moving to the west?

President Andrew Jackson set a president for: Violating Treaties, Enforcing False Treaties and outright Murder of Native Americans. This president continues still today when dealing with Native Americans.