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Davy Crockett fight with Santa Anna's army.

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He was a gengenl

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Q: What was davy Crocketts role at the Alamo?
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What was david Crocketts role in the Alamo?

HE was to shoot all the mexican soliders as possible.

Who were Davy Crockett friends?

Davy crocketts friends

Who were Davy Crockett's closest friends?

Davy crocketts friends

Davy Crocketts dog?

his name was sport.

What Davy Crocketts job?

He was a farmer and volunteer for the militia

Where is Davy crocketts monument?

in nash ville tennessee

Why was davy Crockett important to history?

Because of his role in the battle of the Alamo

What wasthe name of davy Crocketts rifle and where is it now?

Davy called his rifle "Beautiful Betsy."

How did Davy Crocketts first wife die?

she killed herself

Why was Davy Crockett important to Texas history?

Because of his role in the battle of the Alamo

What role die john Wayne play in the Alamo?

He played Davy Crockett.

What is Davy Crocketts daughters name?

Margaret Finley (Polly) Crocket