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Around $18.75.

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Q: What was each person's share of the national debt in 1791?
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What was each persons share of national debt in 1791?

Around $18.75.

What was the national debt in 1791?

the national debt was something used to create national debt

What year did the Federal government assume the national debt following the American Revolution?


National debt in 2003?

What was the national debt in 2003?

What is the amount national debt in Peru?

$350,000,000 in national debt

What is the US national debt?

The US National Debt is nearly $16,963,703,000, or 16.9 trillion dollars.

What did Robert Morris prose to help pay the national debt?

Robert Morris proposed the establishment of the National Bank to help pay off the national debt. He believed that a centralized banking system would provide stability and enable the government to borrow and manage funds efficiently. His plan was eventually adopted, leading to the creation of the First Bank of the United States in 1791.

What is a sentence for the word national debt?

The national debt of this country is ridiculous.

What is the Share of National debt owed by each American?

As of today the US national debt is $9,581,041,814,762.69, and has been growing at the rate of $1.79 billion every single day since September 28, 2007. That means we owe $31,461.16 per capita. At least for today.

What did Thomas Jefferson think of the national debt?

He wanted to cut the national debt.

What effect did the national debt have on France?

NOTHING the national debt was completely irrelevant.

What tax that caused the whiskey rebellion?

It was a federal excise tax ,passed in 1791, on whiskey distillers where small distillers paid per gallon while the large distillers paid a flat rate.