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Constitutional Convention

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Q: What was meeting called that delegates worked on to create a stronger government?
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What was the meeting where delegates from most of the US met to work on a document that created a stronger government called?

it was to write the declaration of independence

A meeting at which new a plan for the American government was written?

A meeting at which a new plan for the American government was written was called the First Continental Congress. Only about 6 delegates came to this first meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

People in faver of a strong national government?

If referring to the delegates in the Constitutional Convention, those who preferred a stronger national government were called Federalists and those who favored states' rights were called Anti-Federalists.

What is the meeting of delegates called at which presidentials candidates are chosen?

The National Convention.

The meeting of the delegates from each state was called the what?

There were three meetings of colonial delegates. The First and Second Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention.

What was the meeting of the delegates from the colonies to discusss the stamp act called?

The meeting of delegates from the colonies to discuss the Stamp Act was called The Stamp Act Congress. It took place in New York City between October 7 and 25, 1765 .

Who wrote letters to all delegates of the thirteen colonies asking for their attendance at a meeting that was later called the constitutional convention?

who wrote the delegates of the 13 colonies

What is the meeting in which party delegates select the ticket and adopt the platform called?

Party Conventions. There are many for the major political parties.

Delegates from the original thirteen colonies who created a permanent government were called?

Continental Congress

What was the group of delegates called that acted as the initial government for the American Colonies?

Continental congeess

Why was a constitutional covention called in 1787?

Because it was a convention held in Philadephia by delegates from all the states besides Rhode Island. There were 12 states there. They were called together to build a stronger national government. The new government was called the constitution.

What is a meeting of delegates at which presidential candidates are chosen?

The Democratic and Republican party each hold a National Convention called the convetion of the commons.