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the Family and Medical Leave Act ♥

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Health care for the wealthy

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Q: What was not part of Clinton's domestic agenda?
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How has hurricane Katerina changed domestic policy agenda?

how has hurricane katerina changed domestic policy agenda?

What is a domestic agenda?

A domestic agenda is basically the outline of a domestic policy. This policy is a specific leader's policies toward education, energy, health care, business, law enforcement, and other issues that affect the country they lead.

What part of speech is agenda?

Agenda is a noun.

What had happend to president Kennedy's domestic agenda after he was assassinated?

He farted

What are the release dates for Silk Stalkings - 1991 Domestic Agenda 1-17?

Silk Stalkings - 1991 Domestic Agenda 1-17 was released on: USA: 5 March 1992

What did president kennedys domestic agenda primarily fight?

President Kennedy's domestic agenda was primarily to fight poverty and move ahead in the space race with the Soviet Union. Anti-poverty legislation passed by Congress during his term included Social Security and minimum wage hikes, along with food stamps and the school lunch program.

What was the name of Johnson's optimistic domestic agenda which included a civil rights bill?

Great Society

Agenda setting is a step in the what?

Identifying the problem is part of the agenda setting step.

Are the Clintons fascists?

No. "Fascist" is what Democrats call Republicans. The Clintons are closer to socialists.

Who was Hillary Clintons employers in 1972?

She did not have

What is Hillary clintons religion?


Why agenda 21 important?

The United States was one of the countries out of 178 governments not to sign.