What was the GDP for 2010?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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about 2.0 trillion dollars!:))

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Q: What was the GDP for 2010?
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What is the contribution of automobile industries in GDP of INDIA?

2006 : GDPの 5.20% 2010 : GDPの 7.20% 2016 : GDPの 10.40% (estimated)

What is Belgium GDP?

At December 2010, the Belgian GDP was 471,11 billion $. Use Google (GDP BELGIUM) for up-to-date information.

What was Brazil's GDP in 2010?

idkyhur mom

What was the GDP per capita in Liberia in 2010?


What percentage of US GDP is derived from tourism?

It appears that travel and tourism directly contributed to 2.5% of the US GDP in 2010. Travel and tourism indirectly contributed to 8.9% of US GDP in 2010. This is significantly lower than the world average.

What is the Contribution in the GDP of India from real estate industry in 2010?


What is the gross domestic product of Hawaii?

As of 2010, the GDP of Hawaii is $68,900,000,000.

Which countries have the largest economies in the world?

With a GDP (PPP) of $14,720,000,000,000 USD, the United States is the largest economy. The US is followed by China (#2) with a GDP of $ 9,872,000,000,000; Japan (#3) with a GDP of $ 4,338,000,000,000; and India (#4) with a GDP of $4,046,000,000,000; and Germany with a GDP of $2,951,000,000,000. All figures from CIA World Factbook 2010 - GDP estimate expressed as PPP

What is the difference between nominal GDP and real GDP?

Take in context the year of 2010, the prices of a certain product and the following 2 years are 2$, 3$, 4$The real GDP is calculated by price of the base year(constant value) multiply to the quantity sold in that year:-2010: 2$*Quantity(2010)-2011: 2$*Quantity(2011)-2012: 2$*Quantity(2012)Nominal GDP uses the current price instead of the price of the base year:-2010: 2$*Quantity(2010)-2011: 3$*Quantity(2011)...

Contribution of Indian telecom industry to GDP?

In 2010, it is 5.7% and in 2009 it was 1.5%

How much is Zimbabwe worth?

It's GDP in 2010 was US$ 4.644 billion

What is the contribution to GDP in insurance sector in India?

its nearly 7.6% as per 2010