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Q: What was the basic problems for Americans with the taxes being created by the british government?
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When was Americans for Limited Government created?

Americans for Limited Government was created in 1996.

How did taxation create tension between the American colonies and the British government?

Taxation created tension because the Americans thought it was unfair to pay taxes to the parliaments when the Americans had no representation in the parliament.

How was Pontiac's rebellion resolved?

The Pontiac's rebellion was the bloodiest and deadliest war between the colonists and Native Americans. The British government issued the Royal Proclamation of 1763, which created a boundary between colonists and Indians.

What type of government does Georgia have?

Georgia government was created by the british

What did the British government do in response to the Indian troubles in the west in 1763?

The British government created new laws and restrictions. The first of Parliament's laws was the Proclamation of 1763 which said that the colonist could not settle west of the Appalachian Mountains because they wanted to land to remain to the Native Americans.

What type of government was created by the peaceful British revolution?


Why were many Americans satisfied with the articles of confederation?

The Articles of Confederation created a weak Central government

What problems were created for the native Americans by introducing Christianity to Mexico?

if the native americans did not agree, then they were either sentenced to death, or forced to learn it.

What two did Napoleon have for selling Louisiana to the US?

He needed the cash and it created problems for the British.

What role did committees of correspondence play in the American protests?

They helped organize public opinion in the colonies against the British colonial government, created a situation in which Americans would want independance, and created the sense that 13 colonies could also be 1 nation

The British government created the self-governing dominion of Canada in what year?


What year did The British government created the self-governing dominion of Canada?