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Q: What was the capital of America in 1788?
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What was the capital of Massachusetts in 1788?

The capital of Massachusetts in 1788 was Boston.

What year were trains brought to America?


When did Boston become the capital?

Boston was founded by the Puritans in 1630 and became the state capital of Massachusetts in 1788.

When did teheran become the capital of Iran?

In 1788 Tehran became the capital city of Iran under Qagar's command.

What is Australia's oldest capital city?

Australia's oldest capital city is Sydney, capital of New South Wales. It was established with the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788.

What were the means of travel in America in 1788?

Riding beluga whales.

When was George Washington elected president to the us of America?


Did NYC used to be the nations capital?

Yes, it was the capital under the Articles of Confederation from 1785-1788, and then under the US Constitution from !789 to late 1790.

What is the capital of America at the revolution?

The Capital of America at the American Revolutionis Phliidelphia

What is the temporary capital of America?

New York city was the temporary capital of America.

What does the capital of America do?

The capital of any country is meant for administration. The capital of America is also meant for the same purpose.

What are 2 aboriginal tribe names that lived in the ACT in 1788?

The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) was not formed in 1788, but the Ngunnawal people formed the main aboriginal group of the area which later encompassed the ACT.