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The Battle of Bunker Hill

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Q: What was the colonist's first defeat?
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What was the battle that convinced the french that the colonists can really defeat the British?

the battle of saratoga and the colonists thought that the \y could really defeat the British.

Why are the colonists going to defeat the British during the American revolution?

because the colonists want freedom from Britian.

What country signed of alliance with the colonists to defeat the British?


Why did the colonists regard Washington as a hero even though he was defeat at fort necessity?

He stuck the first blow against the French, in the French and Indian War.

Where did the British hope to finally defeat the colonists?

The British hoped to defeat the Americans in the South before French help could arrive.

What caused people to expect the British to defeat the colonists at sea?

britians allies

Why did natives appeal to loyalism?

because they doubted that the colonists could defeat the British

What did the Battle of Bunker Hill prove?

It proved that the colonists would be hard to defeat.

Why did loyalism appeal to native American?

because they doubted that the colonists could defeat the British

What did the American revolution involve?

At first the American Colonists wanted their freedom and independence from England. Then, after the Colonists won the Battle of Saratoga, France joined them and helped them to defeat the British. The victory of the Colonists was one of the factors that led the French people to revolt and against their king, and led to many other revolutions against monarchies and other rulers.

What battle did the colonists suffer the heaviest loss in the Revolution?

at what battle did the American suffer their greatest defeat?

Who helped the colonists defeat who in war?

The French helped in the war with the British.