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they were type mad

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Q: What was the colonist reaction to currency act?
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Why did the Currency act anger colonist when it passed in 1764?

it prohibited the colonist from printing paper money

What did the colonist do as result of the currency act being passed?


What did the “Currency act” prevent colonist doing?

The act prohibited the issue of any new bills and the reissue of existing currency.

Reaction to currency act?

The colonists reaction to the currency act of 1764 was that they didn't think it was fair to abolish their currencies and impose the pound as the only acceptable form of money. They protested against it.

How did the colonist react in the Stamp Act 1765?

In American colonies, reaction to the 1765 Stamp Act was greeted in America by an outburst of denunciation.

What was the Colonist reaction to the treaty of Paris act?

i think they did it because they really really liked chicken and the song thrift shop

How did the colonist react to the wool act?

The Reaction by the colonists to the Wool Act of 1699. The reaction to the Wool Act was anger and resentment. Many colonists opposed the Wool act by buying more flax and hemp to ensure that they would not have to buy clothes from England.

How did the colonist organize the sugar act?

The colonist didn't organize the sugar act. It was a British law.

How did the stamp act restrict colonist freedom?

The stamp act charged the colonist in paper goods

How did some colonist of the quartering act protest this law?

Howdid some colonist of the quartering act protest this law?

Why did the colonist felt the stamp act violated their rights?

the colonist were mad

How did the colonist act to the townshend act?

By pooping in their diapers