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It was called the Great Compromise.

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Q: What was the compromise called?
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To reach an agreement by having each party give up some of what it wants?

settlement reached when two arguing groups to give some things

What was the Compromise that called for bicameral legislature?

The Conneticut Compromise

What is an agreement reached in which each side gives up something that it wants?

It is called a compromise. Examples are the Great Compromise, and the Three-Fifths Compromise.

What is the plan called for a bicameral legislative?

Great compromise or Connecticut Compromise

What is aonther name for the Connecticut comprimise?

The Connecticut Compromise was also called the Great Compromise of 1787 or Sherman's Compromise.

Describe compromise the delegates reached concerning representation. By what name was this compromise known?

I believe it is called the three fifths compromise.

What is a promise for a promise called?

a compromise

Who compromise saved the constitutional convention and the constitution?

Roger Sheman's. It was called "The Great Compromise".

Who is compromise saved the Constitutional Convention and the Constitution?

Roger Sheman's. It was called "The Great Compromise".

The series of Henry clay's proposals that was adopted by congress was called?

compromise of 1850 nyicca BAM

What is a settlement reached by mutual concessions called?


What was the Connecticut compromised also called?

the great compromise