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There were too many blacks wanting to work in the bank, so they were all killed. This is why there was so much controversy.

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Q: What was the controversy of the Second Bank of America about?
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What led to the demise of the second bank of the United states?

controversy over corruption and political opposition

Who was in charge of the national bank controversy?

I think you mean who was in charge of the National Bank? Not who was in charge of the National Bank controversy? If you are asking who was in charge of it, not the "controversy", then the answer is private banks.

When was Bank of America founded?

The Bank of America was founded in 1940 after a merger of what would become the largest banking institution in America. Today it is the second largest bank holding institution, by assets.

Is the national bank and the second bank of the US the same?

The National Bank and the Second Bank of the United States are the same. The term national bank can refer to the Bank of North America as well as the First Bank of the United States.

Where are the headquarters of Nations Bank?

Nations Bank acquired BankAmerica in 1998. It is now known as Bank of America and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bank of America is currently the second largest bank in the USA.

Where in Ohio can you get second chance checking other than woodforest bank?

You can't. Woodforest Bank is the only bank in America that actually offers Second Chance checking.

Which banks offer refinancing on a second mortgage?

Banks that offer refinancing on a second mortgage include TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank, Bank of America, Citi Bank and CIBC.

Where is the Bank of America located?

The Bank of America is the second largest banking company in the US and can be found all over the US. In 2010 the Bank of American was listed as the third biggest company in the world.

What is the oldest currently operating bank in America?

It's probably Bank of America. While Bank of America is relatively modern, the Bank of Boston (which was bought by Fleet in 1999 which was bought by Bank of America in 2005) traces its roots to the Bank of Massachusetts founded in 1784. The Bank of Massachusetts is the second oldest bank in the country according to Wikipedia (the oldest bank is not specified). It is quite possible that the oldest bank lost its charter and its line ended.

When did Bank of America begin offering services to customers?

Bank of America is the second largest bank in the USA. It originated in San Francisco as the Bank of Italy, offering services to immigrants in 1904. Throughout the years and through many bank acquisitions it officially became the Bank of America in 1998 and currently offers their services to over 57 million persons worldwide.

Which syllable has the main stress in the word controversy?

The syllable with the main stress in the word "controversy" is "ver".

Why did Bank of Italy become Bank of America?

Bank of Italy merged with Bank of America in 1929 and kept the name Bank of America.